An amazing cultural part of Specsavers is that anyone, at any level can make a difference. Having access to key decision makers and influencers within the support office is a fantastic part of the Specsavers culture.


Head of Marketing Planning


What makes you most proud of your time at Specsavers?

I have been very proud of my work in delivering creative and successful marketing plans for Specsavers on a local and national level.

It is great to be a part of such a passionate team with clear vision and values, knowing we are able to make a difference and contribute to Specsavers success.  In my previous position as Head of Local Area Marketing I facilitated team building sessions for the local area marketing team. As a result of the sessions the team have been able to work more collaboratively and responded positively to helpful peer feedback, which has been a great personal achievement for me.


What are the best things about your role?

Being creative and working cross functionally to launch new products, beat competitors, or just finding ways to help our partners grow their businesses are sometimes all in a day’s work – and I absolutely love that!

I love the challenges that come my way and due to my role being so diverse, I am able to work with the marketing team, our creative and media agencies, Retail Operations, product, suppliers and partners so there is never a dull moment and I never get bored. Everyone is always willing to work together towards the same goal and I am consistently encouraged to try something new. I always receive the support I need in order to deliver a plan successfully.

I have been fortunate to travel across Australia and New Zealand to visit our stores and partners. Being able to do this has helped me to understand our business and the landscape, giving me the opportunity to be even more effective in my role.


How have you developed?

I began my journey with Specsavers in July 2014 as Head of Local Area Marketing. Over the two years that followed, I feel Specsavers has helped me developed as a leader.

Along the way I’ve discovered that I’m not perfect and understand that this business is very collaborative in its approach and as long as you put your hand up and ask for help it’s there for you.

I feel I have also become more analytical and use financial analysis to make decisions or help launch a project. I feel the Specsavers Internal Academy has helped me achieve this as well as strengthening my presentation skills.

I have recently been promoted to Head of Marketing Planning in New Zealand. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to work with a country director and use all my skills to deliver new and innovative plans that will grow Specsavers in New Zealand.


Describe the culture

I absolutely love the passion and energy that everyone at Specsavers has for success. Failure is not an option! Everyone in the business (no matter what team or department) are all in it together to make this company a success. We never sit still or rest on our laurels and even if things are all going well we will still find another challenge to help us progress even further.

Another amazing cultural part of Specsavers is that anyone, at any level can make a difference. Having access to key decision makers and influencers within the support office is a fantastic part of the Specsavers culture.


Why would you recommend a career at Specsavers?

Specsavers is an organisation that really lives its values. They are brought to life in the way we work, and this is in turn seen in the delivery of our successful results. I would recommend a career at Specsavers because if you do a great job the opportunities are endless locally, regionally and globally.

As an employer, Specsavers is extremely family friendly. The company understands the importance of healthy work / life balance, which to me as an employee means I am always willing to work as hard as I can yet simultaneously be there whenever I need to support my family life.

Many of our senior leaders have been with the business for decades and this is testament to the organisation and opportunities that it provides. I have found that learning and development plays such an important part of the Specsavers culture and whether you’re in a store or in the support office, Specsavers is there to support your growth as an individual, ensuring that there’s a plan laid out to help you achieve your goals and objectives.