Specsavers is the first place I’ve worked that actively encourages staff to use company time to attend training courses and develop their skills.


Marketing Manager New Zealand


What makes you most proud of your time so far at Specsavers?

For me, it’s not so much about the personal achievements of any individual, but the results we deliver and the impact we make as a team. Helping store partners grow their businesses and increase their collective potential year on year instils in me an enormous sense of pride.

What are the best things about your role?

I love the variety - doing the same thing day after day would really bore me. Thankfully, that’s never an issue in my job.

One day I could be on the road sharing our plans with a cluster of stores. The next, working with our creative agency on new concepts or attending a campaign shoot. The day after that, I could be meeting with the directors and other managers to discuss our strategies and objectives for the coming year.

Whatever I’m doing, it’s always fast-paced, which is something else I love about the job. And there’s always a lot riding on our work, which makes it all the more fulfilling. Marketing is tangible and people can see/hear/touch/feel the things we are creating, so it’s rewarding in terms of feedback and customer actions as a result. In marketing, you’ve got to have a sharp eye for detail. After all, we wouldn’t want any unintentional ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ moments.

How have you developed?

I used to work in radio and when I first started with Specsavers, I actually took a step back career-wise on the basis that getting a foot in the door with a company I really wanted to work for would pay off in the long run.

I knew from what others had told me, and my own dealings with the company that it would be a positive move in terms of future growth and development prospects and I was prepared to take a slight detour for that.

I came into the company as a Local Area Marketing Coordinator,  and moved to various roles within the last 4 years within the Specsavers Marketing team. I held some fantastic roles as a Local Area Marketing Executive and a Local Area Marketing Manager for various states in Australia. I have recently moved into a national marketing role in New Zealand as a Marketing Manager.

Specsavers is the first place I’ve worked that actively encourages staff to use company time to attend training courses and develop their skills. Quarterly Personal Development Plans and Performance Reviews ensure that you’re on the right track. You are constantly looking ahead at how you can further grow the business and your own career.

Describe the culture

The Local Area Marketing team is small and incredibly close-knit.

Although we focus on different states and stores we’re very much one team who all share and bounce ideas off one another, and pitch in and help wherever we can. We also get to deal with the store partners directly on a daily basis, allowing us to form strong personal relationships with the face of the business.

Why would you recommend a career at Specsavers?

Specsavers is a positive, humble, encouraging and rewarding place to work, with the right balance of competitiveness and forward-thinking ideas. At the end of the day the customers’ satisfaction is the main goal.

The working culture is amazing. You get to work for a market leader that’s focused on staying one step ahead of the competition, you’re encouraged to grow and develop yourself, and you’re well-rewarded for doing so.