I learnt all there is to know about single vision and multifocal glasses and how to fit contact lenses. I have also completed a CertIV in Optical Dispensing at RMIT, in July this year.


Central Support Manager


What does a typical day look like?

There’s no such thing as a typical day. It can get very busy and there were some days when the phone won't stop ringing. During these busy periods we always work together and tackle any issues as a team.

At the end of the day, we are all here to provide the best possible customer service we can and when it’s really busy, customers are generally happy to wait for that service.
If we ever have an unhappy customer, the team feels confident in dealing with the issue. It is rare that an issue gets escalated and I am confident in dealing with any problems and resolving them immediately.

What are the best things about your role?

The team I work in is quite small and I love the intimacy that goes with that. Working in such a close-knit team encourages us to work cohesively. Throughout my Specsavers experience I have loved getting to know our customers and building lasting relationships with them. We have a lot of regular customers who we know, and who know us by name and it's a rewarding feeling being able to help them.

Describe the culture of your store

By creating an environment which allows each individual staff member to have control over their career/future. Specsavers has built a respectable business with a great culture. Specsavers is a positive environment for us as employees and for our customers. It is great to see that customers can see how much we all love our jobs.

How have you developed?

After my initial induction (this included an introduction to the company and basic training on the systems) I learnt all there is to know about single vision and multifocal glasses and how to fit contact lenses. During my time in store I also completed a CertIV in Optical Dispensing at RMIT. That course was brilliant: it gave me a better understanding to the world of optics and increased my professional knowledge base. 

I've since completed a 6 month Supervisor program which later helped me to gain a role as a Assistant Manager in store. This gave me the opportunity to organise rostering and complete individual meetings with the teams, as well as assist with performance reviews. I was then approached to move to Support Office as a Team Leader for Central Support. I made the transfer from store to Support Office mid 2016 and the opportunity allowed me to lead a brand new team and face new challenges. After 6 months into this role my manager resigned and I seized the opportunity to challenge myself further. We have many projects ahead and I am looking forward to making a difference in developing our department for the good of the team as well as our customers. 

What makes you most proud of your time so far at Specsavers?

I can offer a product that makes a real difference to our customer’s lives. It’s not like working in general retail, it’s a lot more personal than that. You see your customers on a regular basis and you really get to know them. I like knowing my customer service skills are appreciated - mostly by the customers themselves but also by the Store Partners.

Specsavers Provide outstanding support for employees within the business. Throughout my time in store and most recently at Support Office I have been encouraged to develop teams and make decisions which have been fully supported and acknowledged not only by management but by my peers. I appreciate that the management team have the confidence in me to take on a role with huge responsibilities and I hope to continue to improve in the future.