Now that I am a Joint Venture Partner, I love the fact that I get to work on both the optometry side as well as running my own business.


Optometrist Joint Venture Partner


What does being a Joint Venture Partner mean to you?

Now that I am a Joint Venture Partner, I love the fact that I get to work on both the optometry side as well as running my own business.

Everyone in the store is so friendly and this makes the working environment more relaxed and enjoyable. When I am performing an eye test, the customers are great and it does not feel like a formal environment. I am able to suggest the best product for our customers and know that they are receiving the best value in the market. I also love bringing positivity to our work environment because and empowering our staff, which in term leads to good productivity.

How has Specsavers helped you in becoming a successful JVP?

Working at Specsavers and becoming a partner has helped me to learn a lot about myself and my capabilities. It has opened my eyes to many areas, I didn’t know existed and I can work on developing my skills with the help of my team.

At Specsavers it is not hard to see what our achievements are. You’ve got tools such as Mystery Shopper scores and Focus plans to measure how well our store is performing.

What does a typical day look like?

We start the day off with a morning huddle and do a quick debrief about the previous day’s achievements and the day’s objectives. The rest of the day for me generally consists of doing eye tests for patients. For me every patient is a different case so it is interesting to find out what I can do to help them see better or feel better. Lunchtime is important in our store where I am out on the floor and get to chat to customers directly. You will never know what to expect each day as each day is different. The challenge is knowing how to adapt yourself to make the day run smoothly.

How would you describe the culture of your store?

My Retail Partner put together a wonderful team for me to walk into and become a part of. We won an award very early on in my career with Specsavers and I was so proud of the team.

Everyone at our store enjoys the happy working environment and most importantly the customers feel the vibe when they’re in the store.

What really inspires me is that the team works really hard when it’s busy and everyone thrives on it. It’s also very helpful that everyone in the team knows how to do all the tasks well; whether it is dealing with contact lenses, visual field tests or a progressive lens dispense. Their professionalism and support gives me a lot of confidence when I hand over the patients to them.

What makes Specsavers so successful?

It’s a dynamic and progressive company that strives on achieving its vision statement and cares about the people who work for the business. Specsavers provide support and continual training whilst encouraging a positive work culture.