The business is always ready to support the growth and development of individuals and this characteristic is often hard to find in a large company.


Retail Project Manager


What makes you most proud of your time so far at Specsavers?

I have been able to offer support and development to a lot of individuals within our network of stores and this fills me with immense pride. Seeing a store develop through your coaching and mentoring really is rewarding and I know that I must continue to develop myself in order to offer them new challenges for their business.

What are the best things about your role?

I love being able to support the partners within our business first hand. It’s great being able to build relationships with them and to see them develop personally as well as their team and store. I would also like to say that being part of the region’s Retail Support Team is amazing and I genuinely believe that we are the best team around. The training and development team can’t go unmentioned either - we are able to come together from far and wide across all regions to work together on new ideas to better support our stores.

The role itself is very diverse. We are responsible for training, coaching, executing business plans, new store openings, store relocations and store reconfigurations. All of these make for an eventful life and there is never a dull moment.

One of the most enjoyable parts is when we facilitate training sessions. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have team members in the training centre where we develop their knowledge and skills in optics and service. It is even better when we see those same team members back for more training as they continue to develop and implement their learnings back in store.

How have you developed?

I first joined Specsavers as a full time optical assistant, was eventually given the manager role and stayed for a further three years. I then applied for the role of Regional Development Manager, a role that I had for two years and a role that I learnt so much; from facilitation to developing team members and store partners.

Taking on the role of an RDM required a lot of personal development, not just for myself but in being able to apply what I had learnt to other people within the business and stores. I hadn’t experienced facilitation before but the training and development team gave me the tools required and I was able to apply these instantly.

My manager also supported me in my personal development by allowing me to complete my Certificate IV in Training and Education. This qualification has allowed me to support our store staff and partners to the best of my ability to really help them reach full potential. All of this valuable experience and support has led me to where I am today, working as a Retail Project Manager. 

Describe the culture

My values are to treat others as I would like to be treated and it is great to be able to work for a company with the same values and customer service at its core. Specsavers really does excel at developing the people within and it is because of this that I am where I am today.

Why would you recommend a career at Specsavers?

Specsavers is a great company with strong values. The people that are involved in it are dedicated, committed and proud to be part of this ever-growing business. The business is always ready to support the growth and development of individuals and this characteristic is often hard to find in a large company.