The opportunities are endless for someone who wants to work hard and develop themselves. This is coming from someone who has worked in 7 roles in 14 years with the company!


Head of Retail Operations


What makes you most proud of your time so far at Specsavers?

The most rewarding thing for me during my time in ANZ has been seeing our store partners grow and develop over the past six years. I have helped people open their first business, supported them in their early days, and then helped them expand their business as they have become so successful. When we get the chance to meet up at our regional meetings, there are always a lot of great stories to share with each other.

What are the best things about your role?

In my current role, I’m based in the support office in Melbourne. I support the whole of ANZ, so any projects that I’m involved in will ultimately make an impact in every store in the ANZ portfolio. This is really rewarding as you go and visit stores and see the end result of your work impacting positively on store teams and making it easier for them to help the customer.

I’ve also enjoyed being involved in the ‘FOCUS’ program, which is a new way for our field teams to support our store partners. This has been well received by partners and our RST, and it is great to see the impact this is making.

Other points to highlight include working on the initial roll out of stores in ANZ and seeing customers respond in such a great way. I also once ran part of the Belfast marathon in a relay team blindfolded to raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. We raised enough money to bring a new guide dog to Northern Ireland, so that was very rewarding.

How have you developed?

Specsavers has supported me with many and varied training interventions and opportunities over the time I have been with the company. From learning how to manufacture glasses, how to run a Specsavers store, to learning how to lead a team, I have been supported the whole way in my Specsavers journey.

And it’s a long journey as I’ve been working for Specsavers for 14 years now, pretty much all of my working career. I started off as a Lab Technician in a country store in Northern Ireland and have ended up in Melbourne, Australia as the Retail Operations Manager for ANZ. I have worked in the store, and managed in-store, and taken on a number of field roles within the support office, before starting on this office based role this year.


Describe the culture

For me, the culture of Specsavers is the thing that stands out. Specsavers has a real focus on the customer and on their people. My own journey is proof that Specsavers supports and develops their people, while our market leadership and great value offering highlights how much we focus on our customers.

There is a great team of people within the Support office and our store teams here in Specsavers. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and we all work well together with the ultimate goal of supporting our partners and customers. It can be summed up as a real focus on the people, with a fun, can-do work environment.

Why would you recommend a career at Specsavers?

I always tell people that Specsavers is a place where you can really take your career to the next level. The opportunities are endless for someone who wants to work hard and develop themselves. This is coming from someone who has worked in 7 roles in 14 years with the company!

However, there is also a lot to be said for the culture within the business, which makes working here so much fun and rewarding. The facilities we get to work in are fantastic as well.