Specsavers offers numerous progression opportunities to enable you to fulfill your desires no matter what you attain to.


Retail Supervisor


What makes you most proud of your time at Specsavers?

Being able to set goals and having the support to progress within the Specsavers Network is what makes me proud to be a part of Specsavers. One of my favourite personal achievements has been completing my certification in Optical Dispensing which has elevated my understanding to help me aid our customers in a more effective manner.


What are the best things about your role?

One of the things that I find the best is seeing the improvement of both staff and customers. By being a trained supervisor and helping develop the staff in their optical education and seeing them effectively put their new knowledge into action is a very proud moment.

Another great moment of my role is seeing the faces of customers illuminate when they collect their glasses and their whole world opens up as their vision improves. From the middle aged office worker internally discovering how their new progressives will relieve the issues they are facing at work, to the older patients realising their way of life has been returned to them with glasses, to the little kids with their new glasses beaming a large smile as they see things clearly for the first time are all highly rewarding parts on my role.


How have you developed?

We have a saying here at Specsavers that those who work here are “Green blooded”. I began my career with Specsavers green as can be with only a history of wearing glasses since the age of four as my only connection. I had the ability to pick up the technical aspects of the job easily and began to work independently fairly quickly, however my interpersonal skills needed improving and was my biggest obstacle in my development.

Through the internal training elements of Specsavers, the loving instore training from my store's Directors, to the personal development modules of the Supervisors Training programme I have improved immeasurable in this area. Learning how to develop my interpersonal skills has improved my confidence, how approachable I am and my ability to remain calm in the face of turmoils faced within retail. Without all the support and training I wouldn't have been able to progress to store supervisor and become the assistant manager I am today.


Describe the culture

My store and Specsavers as a whole pride ourselves on maintaining a family atmosphere. The staff love and support each other and our customers notice and feed on this friendliness. This loving culture allows staff to feel comfortable, knowing they have support from management and other staff and also allowing rapport between staff and customers to easily development.


Why would you recommend a career at Specsavers?

Specsavers is a highly rewarding career for those with a passion to develop themselves, assist their fellow workmates and help the members of their community. With the variety of issues customers come in with, no two days are ever the same and being able to build your knowledge and help resolve the issues leaving everyone with a happy smile is highly rewarding.

Specsavers offers numerous progression opportunities to enable you to fulfill your desires no matter what you attain to. Whether it be the friendly first point of call for customers, to a store manager or owner, or even behind the scenes at support office, there is so much available for you to grow and achieve your goals within our award winning support system.