A great place to work

Find out about the rewards and opportunities on offer at Specsavers and discover how you can join the team. 

Training and development

Training and development

We're committed to giving everyone at Specsavers all the learning and development opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. If you're prepared to make the most of those opportunities, you're looking at a bright future.

A comprehensive induction

When you join the Specsavers support office team, you are given a comprehensive induction which includes a New Starter Induction meeting with a HR Coordinator on your first day in the office and our Global Induction one-day workshop, which gives you a clear understanding of our business – what we do, how we do it and how your role fits into the bigger picture.

A comprehensive induction - Stores

When you join the Specsavers stores team, you take part in the ‘Ready to Serve’ induction program. This workshop forms the Foundation level of the Specsavers Career Development Program (see below) and shares with you information relating to our organisation, culture, products and services. It also gives you the core skills you will need to deliver an outstanding in-store customer experience.

Becoming a Joint Venture Partner

There's more to running your own business than people imagine. Which is why we support our Joint Venture Partners (JVP's) in making that transition. Specsavers have developed an internal program called Pathway. This is a tailor-made package that support aspiring JVP's to develop their commercial and people skills to make their business a success.

Specsavers Career Development Program

The Specsavers Career Development Program (CDP) offers a structured career path to all our store team members. This is overseen by our field trainers also known as Regional Development Managers from the Specsavers Training and Development Team. They provide a range of dedicated workshops and coaching sessions to store team members.

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Rewards and benefits (Support functions)


It is important to reward the people behind Specsavers’ success. After all, it’s our team that make it such a great place to work. This is why we offer a wide range of rewards and benefits, including:

● A quarterly bonus scheme – based on personal performance
● An annual profit share scheme – based on company performance
● Staff Spectacle Offers
● Corporate Health Plan
● Additional leave entitlements (including Paid Parental Leave and Birthday Leave)
● Additional Annual Leave for long serving team members
● Specsavers Perks – a discount benefits scheme
● Specsavers Community Program
● Refer a Friend Program
● Employee Assistance Program
● A great working environment – spacious and modern offices with excellent facilities

What we look for


As well as the skills you need to perform your role, there are other qualities we look for in a potential Specsavers team member.

In line with our global vision and values, delivering outstanding customer service is on top of the list. Whether that is in-store or in one of our global Support Offices, our team members must be passionate and driven to deliver exceptional customer service.

We also look for people who are interested in our business. Having an understanding of who we are and what we do, and how we make a difference in our communities. This is an important part of being a Specsavers team member.

For management and partnership opportunities you will also need to demonstrate your passion for leading and developing talent. This is essential to help your team be the best they can be.